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There are many fantastic stories to be told about the Ricklinger Devil's Hollow. All quite interesting and frightening. But legends aren't prooved incidents, not testet on a scientific basis and did they happend for real? In most cases it's just pure fantasy of the story-teller and he added some bits and pieces from time to time to make it even more frightful.

An appeal in local newspapers, to send us fotos for our website, let two fifteen year old pupils from the cooperative comprehensive school Hemmingen to bring us a couple of pictures showing the legendary place between Hemminger swimming pool and Ricklinger ponds. Nothing special in the first place, but after looking at the pics closely and hearing the report about the foto shooting, we changed our mind.

Bernd S. told: I got a reflex camera from my parents for my birthday. Testing this new camera we both drove with our bicycles through the town Hemmingen and arrived later at the devils hollow. We noticed immediately this unusual quiteness there. Just before this, we felt a mild breeze and could hear the twittering of birds. Very strange, we thought. But we continued making some pictures from the green bushes, trees and the water filled devils hollow.
Jens M.: In the first place nothing remarkable happend. But when thin mist rised up, it got very surreal.
Bernd S.: Despite the fact that the weather situation did not match with this! And when I looked through the viewfinder on my reflex camera something moved in front of my eyes. But it was covered by the bushes around us. Suddenly an enormous black form reached us and we begun to run for our lives, jumped on our bicycles and pedaling like hell. You know the horror stories about the Devil's Hollow.
Jens M.: But when the fotos came back from the development we totally recalled this horror incident.
Bernd S.:Yes, as we saw the pictures we discovered one picture I must have token by escaping from the hollow. There you can see unusual fog and a face. See for yourself!

We hesitated a long time before going public with this story. On the one hand, we wouldn't spread fear and terror, on the other hand this story could also be completly fictitious. But on the basis of the existing pictures we decided to publish it here.

Truth is out there.
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